1985-1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Ford Skorpio
+ 1.1. Car identification
+ 2. Maintenance service
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1. Engine OHC
   + 3.2. Engine DOHC
   - 3.3. Engine V6
      3.3.1. A technical characteristics
      3.3.2. The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine
      3.3.3. Engine removal
      + 3.3.4. Dismantling and check of details of the engine
      - 3.3.5. Changes in a design of engines V6 2,4 and 2,9 дм3 Engine removal Heads of the block of cylinders Dismantling and assemblage of a head of the block of cylinders Replacement of a chain of a drive of the mechanism газораспределения Adjustment of a backlash of valves The oil pump
   + 3.4. Ignition and engine management systems
   + 3.5. Diesel engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Coupling
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
+ 9. A steering
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Wheels and tyres
+ 13. A body
+ 14. An electric equipment

59ff046c Engine removal

Actions on removal of these engines in essence same as well as for engines 2,8 дм3 (subsection 3.3.3 see). It is necessary to pay attention to following differences.

1. To remove hoses which are located between the thermostat case, the water pump and a broad tank of system of cooling.
2. To remove hoses of a heater which are located between the case of the thermostat or a pipe of distribution of a coolant and an oil radiator.
3. To remove a hose from a fuel regulator of pressure.
4. To remove a hose from the memory chamber.
5. To remove a hose from the throttle valve.
6. To remove a hose from the T-shaped connector.
7. To remove a cable of an accelerator from a control lever and a suspension bracket.
8. To remove the right reception exhaust pipe from a collector, then to remove a starter, the oil filter and to remove the left reception exhaust pipe in the same order.